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London and Essex: 0208 595 8855/8877

South East and Kent: 01322 804753


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Terms and Conditions 

1. Equipment remains the property of Just Hire Catering Equipment and Furniture Ltd at all times.

2. Prices quoted are ex VAT and are for a Weekend hire or 3 days midweek (delivery day, usage day, return day). Extended hire terms are available on request.

3. Full payment must be made before goods are released. Cheques must be paid 2 weeks in advance. Returned cheques will be subject to a charge.

4. The person signing the delivery note must inspect the hired equipment and confirm the equipment is received in good condition. Order queries must be brought to our attention PRIOR to use of the hire. Failure to do so will result in the assumption that any losses are the hirer’s sole responsibility.

5. In the event of unsatisfactory working of hired equipment, Just Hire should be immediately notified of the fault. No attempt should be made to repair the equipment.

6. If the hirer has any cause for complaint concerning the condition, suitability or performance of the equipment hired, Just Hire should be notified immediately. No consideration for redress will be given once the equipment has been used.

7. Cancellation of orders within 72 hours will be charged the full hire cost.

8. The hirer is fully responsible for the equipment and for insuring the equipment if necessary, from the time of acceptance until returned. No insurance is provided by Just Hire.

9. Drivers are not authorised to return deposits or check goods. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure that all goods are returned upon collection.

10. Table linen must not be returned or stored damp or wet. Damage that will not respond to laundering will be charged at full replacement cost.

11. The hired equipment is solely intended for use and storage indoors unless specifically manufactured for outdoor use. If the equipment is used or stored outdoors the hirer is fully responsible for damage caused by the weather or any other associated hazard.

12. All equipment, including their boxes, and furniture are to be returned dry and intact. A charge will be made for all cartons, boxes, chair skates or trolleys lost or damaged.

13. All goods will be delivered clean and ready to use and should be returned clean. A dirty charge of 35% of the hire charge will be added to the hire cost which is fully refundable providing the goods are returned clean.

14. Standard delivery charges are for a ground level entrance, door to door, between the hours of 9am and 5 pm Monday to Friday. Additional charges apply for any delivery or collection which falls outside of these parameters. Where delivery entails our staff taking goods to specific rooms or having to disassemble equipment after use, extra charges will be levied. Should the driver be unduly delayed when attempting delivery or collection then charges will be imposed.

15. A refundable deposit is required. This deposit less the replacement cost of any breakages or losses is returned after the equipment has been checked off at our depot. Where the deposit is not sufficient to cover the replacement cost the hirer must pay the balance.

16. Hirers must ensure that they or their agent are at the delivery address. Wasted journeys will be charged for and we cannot guarantee re-delivery.

17. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that their delivery/collection instructions and arrangements are consistent with parking restrictions. Just Hire reserves the right to pass on any parking charges obtained whilst attempting delivery or collection.

18. While Just Hire will make every endeavour to carry out delivery and collection at the times requested by the hirer no responsibility will be taken if these times are not met.

19. Just Hire is under no liability whatsoever for any injury or damage to persons or property from the use of any hired equipment. 

20. Just Hire is under no liability whatsoever for any loss of profit claimed by the hirer in respect of any interruptions, delays, inaccuracies, errors, omissions or any failure to deliver. 

21. Whilst every effort will be made by Just Hire to complete all orders, Just Hire cannot be held liable for variation or non-completion of orders due to any act of God, Fire, Flood, Storm, Gale, Tempest, War, Pandemic, Terrorism, Strikes, Riots, Lockouts or any other civil disturbances.

22. The rights to Endue, Provision and Supply are held solely by Just Hire Catering Equipment and Furniture LTD and may be withdrawn at any time without penalty.